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February 24, 2010

Unfortunately WAMP really DOESN’T support SPL

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I’ve just determined that WampServer 2 does not support the PHP SPL Type library. It does support the PHP SPL library, but only in a very limited way. It does not support SplNotifier or SplObserver — and this is not insignificant.

Because my work machine (and my laptop) uses WAMP, this makes all progress with these classes severely limited. Perhaps with the next generation of WAMP I’ll be able to use them, but for now that really limits some of my ability to make progress with the new alternative to CI (after the project).


February 23, 2010

Manager class

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After careful consideration — namely the fact that it is against the philosophy of the project — the manager class and its affiliated code will be tabled until after the project is complete. Perhaps after that I will experiment with CakePHP and the Zend framework.

February 19, 2010


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There is a project I am working on in PHP, henceforth called, “The Project”. I am using CodeIgniter as a framework and MySQL as a back end.

Very quickly I have learned the strengths and weaknesses of the CI framework. These will be written about on Monday.

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