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January 19, 2009

And so…

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Recent news:

  • Looking for freelance/part time work to supplement income.
  • Configured home network.
    • Currently supports a max of 7 machines, 1 Win 95, 1 Win32 2 Win64, one Ubuntu, one Debian/XFCE, and the XO which still uses Fedora (hope to change that within the next couple of days). Debian is by far my favorite.
  • Working on an open-source financial program I found for PHP. Overall it is alright, but it needs features (some of which one would think would be a part of the base package). I also find it entirely too student-oriented(though this is not surprising), some of the defaults should be different. It also could use a permissions system. Since this is a network system, it would do well to allow families to use this.
  • I also want to make it less reliant on tables and more CSS valid. Currently, everything is inline.
  • I’m halfway through a PDF parsing script for PHP to allow me to import a past bank statement into the system. So far, it recognizes the account owner and the monthly debits and credits. This will prove useful.
  • Still need to build home-network and remote server syncing. That will be incredibly useful.
  • Second article for Flash & Flex Developer is in final stages. Expect it to be published c. 3/09. First article came out last month. It can be purchased in stores.
  • Looking to get involved in an open-source project in a major way. Perhaps the financial software… A $20 Pentium-III with the appropriate packages could make a very good server for it, if I were to try to market something. I should look into it.

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