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November 25, 2008


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The first draft of Smallertype is available at Proof_Of_Concept will be the name of a PHP Class which will provide portions of Smaller/Proto-type in a much more modular way. The PHP will be larger, but this will mean that the JS download time will be much faster.

Article written:
Wrote article on JSFL, now submitted to Flash and Flex Developer.

Home Network:
Can now use Pentium III as a Linux file server (XFCE) which can be controlled entirely through SSH and Xming. Will move it to a different part of the house. XO Laptop needs to be re-configured to work with XFCE. Pentium IV machine now clean. Need to backup old files to wipe HD and make it a Video (perhaps Print?) Server (Remove XP in favor of Ubuntu?). Need to get a new HD.

To Do:

  1. Develop portfolio in Flex.
    • Specifically focus on SOAP project.
    • Create internet chat client with PHP.
    • Develop “FTP client” with Flex to allow for easier downloads from
  2. Still need to research CAPTCHA.
  3. Continue work on Code Igniter. Find its eventual implementation doubtful but it is useful to study.
  4. Develop a means of populating an array of all variables and functions from an external file in PHP. (Variables complete, functions still needed).
  5. Re-learn Calculus. — Priority may be set higher on this item

November 10, 2008

To do:

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  • Modify prototype to make it smaller and leaner. Perhaps incorporate php class for dynamic registry. Call it Proof of concept or smallertype — thoughts?
  • Complete update to code igniter for
  • Article on CAPTCHA — tutorial
  • Article on CAPTCHA analysis — reseach


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